Fire evacuation

How many fire evacuation practices do you do at your college?  We have been doing the statutory 2 per annum (obviously there are additional evacuations caused by burnt toast etc.) I have been advised that schools are supposed to do 4 per annum.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Posted by Steph Amey, East Norfolk Sixth Form College


Lockdown procedure

Does anybody have a written procedure relating to lockdown that you would be willing to share?  I know there are a lot of areas that need to be addressed relating to the whole issue of what to do in the event of something happening on site but from what I heard yesterday I feel some of the colleges, having carried out “drills”, would have the basis of a process in place and it would be good to see how this has been translated into the written word.  Posted by Cliff Lester, City College Norwich

Temporary air con

Do any members use temporary air conditioning to cool large halls for exams?  Do you have any advice about affordable, effective cooling that is also quiet and doesn’t blow papers everywhere?  Posted by Dave Merritt, Hills Road SFC


I am after information on DSE users and packages used in other colleges, we used to use a website where the assessments and training were free but the site has been shut down.  Can anybody help?  Posted by Ricky Irons, Hertford RC.

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